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We know business. We mean business. We do business. And we’ve got you covered – from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Myanmar and APAC, our extensive network of experienced lawyers, advisors, consultants and professionals are well-placed to assist you with your everyday legal and business challenges, from any part of the world. We bring fresh perspectives from different jurisdictions and strive to find best-fit solutions at affordable rates for all things corporate and commercial – legal drafting and review, setting up businesses, corporate secretarial services, compliance and regulatory, data privacy and security, international arbitration and more.

Whether you are looking to start a business in New Zealand or expand existing operations across borders, we are the perfect team to guide you through your challenges with our broad range of skills and collective legal expertise and experience across a full spectrum of corporate and commercial matters.

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About Us

Business consulting and advisory platform covering New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and China.

InterAsia Business Services New Zealand is a business consultancy and advisory practice with a focus on corporate and commercial matters. We are part of the InterAsia alliance network with branch and affiliate offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Myanmar and APAC. We are a team of experienced international lawyers, advisors, consultants and professionals with expertise and experience across different markets, sectors and regulatory landscapes with a shared vision to provide high-quality yet cost-effective advice and solutions for all our clients. Our ability to understand people makes us who we are and enables us to consistently deliver results. Our clients include start-ups, SMEs, corporates and institutions, family offices, investors, HNWIs and more from all over the world. We are future-ready problem-solvers who provide legal and business know-how to help you deal with the diverse demands of building a business in today’s world and strive to deliver the results you deserve and advance your commercial objectives as far as possible by leveraging on our global reach and expertise,

We provide services across a full spectrum of corporate and commercial matters including business consultancy and advisory services (such as structuring and market entry advice), company incorporation, corporate secretarial services, payroll and human resource services, regulatory and compliance, ESG compliance, corporate governance, and legal assistance and support including review and drafting of contracts, data privacy and cybersecurity and international arbitration support in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Myanmar and APAC.

The future is now. Wherever you’re headed, we’re happy to assist. We bring our A-game to every challenge – big or small – so bring it on. We’ve got your back and you would want us on your side.

Our Expertise


We provide services across a full spectrum of corporate and commercial matters including business consultancy and advisory services (such as structuring and market entry advice), company incorporation, corporate secretarial services, payroll and human resource services, regulatory and compliance, ESG compliance, corporate governance, and legal assistance and support including review and drafting of contracts, data privacy and cybersecurity and international arbitration support in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Myanmar and APAC. In brief, our services include the following:

Consultancy & Advisory Services


Corporate & commercial law

  • Negotiation and drafting, reviewing and amending a full suite of commercial agreements including Shareholders’ Agreement, Share Sale and Purchase Agreements, Share Subscription Agreements, Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and other private agreements between parties
  • Review of contracts and advising on restraints of trade, breach of confidentiality and related contractual terms
  • Corporate governance, structuring and advisory
  • Project management and contracting arrangements
  • Capital-raising, equity capital market, private equity, joint ventures and commercial partnerships

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Advisory

  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk assessment and advisory
  • Compliance Report (how to comply with ESG guidelines)
  • Advising on sustainable laws and regulations
  • Drafting of ESG commercial contracts

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

  • Drafting privacy processes, guidelines and policies
  • Advising on personal information and data security risks
  • Liaising with relevant regulators and law enforcement officials

Intellectual Property

  • Registration and renewal of trademarks, design and patents
  • Assisting with IP transfers such as assignments and licences, sale of IP rights, joint ownership of IP and licensing negotiations
  • Developing and implementing brand protection strategies
  • Litigation and enforcement of IP rights

International Arbitration

Our team is experienced in conducting arbitrations under major arbitral institutions and rules including LCIA, SIAC and the UNCITRAL Rules. Our partners also sit as arbitrators. We draw on our contacts and network of offices in the region to deal with the relevant issues, put forward the best strategies for the case and seek reliefs that are in the best interests of our clients.

Our work for international arbitration includes:

  • Reviewing documentation and instructions, drafting all documentation which may include Statement of Claim, Expert Reports (if required), Reply etc.
  • Dispute planning and strategy
  • Enforcement of international arbitral awards and foreign judgments

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Advising and supporting on M&A deals and cross-border acquisitions
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Structure, strategy and implementation of takeovers
  • Joint ventures and amalgamations

Regulatory & Compliance

  • Regulatory risk for corporates
  • Data protection and privacy compliance
  • Risk advisory for financial services

Corporate Services


Market Entry

  • Rendering advice on structuring options and choosing the right entity

Company Registration

  • Setting up an account
  • Reserving a company name
  • Consolidating all relevant information and filling out the online application
  • Maintenance of statutory books and registers for shareholders and directors
  • Drafting of company constitution
  • Liaison with the New Zealand Companies Office

Corporate Secretarial & Administration Services

  • Nominee shareholder services
  • Local company secretary and registered office address
  • Opening local or international corporate bank account
  • Filing annual returns
  • Preparing notices, minutes and resolutions for Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting
  • Managing changes to the company including change in name, capital, registered address, shareholders and directors

Human Resources & Payroll Administration

  • Providing employee payslips and processing salaries
  • Employee expense claims
  • Computation of net salary and social security contributions

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    Our Team

    Kenneth George Pereire

    Non-Executive Director


    Kenneth George Pereire is a corporate and commercial lawyer and a Non-Executive Director of InterAsia Business New Zealand. His work covers the full spectrum of general corporate and commercial law matters from mergers and acquisitions and cross-border transactions for international and multi-national companies, including securities and other regulatory and compliance matters, down to the day-to-day legal concerns of enterprises in establishing and structuring operations, tax considerations, drafting all kinds of commercial contracts, licensing and distribution agreements, employment law matters, leasing, and complex commercial arrangements.
    He has assisted companies in diverse sectors such as telecommunications, software, property development, finance, construction, architecture and recently fintech and blockchain enterprises. His M&A experience has included assisting both foreign and Singapore companies to acquire assets as well as shares in other entities and conducting extensive due diligence for both buyers and sellers. He has completed an extensive asset sale and purchase transaction in India for a UK listed company and is currently handling multiple acquisition projects for Unicorn companies across Southeast Asia.
    He has extensive experience in drafting corporate agreements for investors including Shareholder Agreements and Investment Agreements with a focus on protection of minority interests by way of reserve matter clauses.

    Robert Lee

    Non-Executive Director


    Robert Lee is a Non-Executive Director at InterAsia Business Services New Zealand. He provides strategic guidance and corporate growth advice to InterAsia Business Services New Zealand.

    He is a Senior Partner and founder of Robert Lee Law Offices in Hong Kong. He has been offering legal and business services to clients in Japan, China and Hong Kong for over thirty years.

    He began practising as a lawyer in Toronto, Canada in 1979. In 1981, he joined the international law firm Baker & Mckenzie and came to Hong Kong with that firm in 1984. After becoming a partner in 1986, he resigned to establish Robert Lee & Co. in 1988, which is the originating company of what has now become the InterAsia Law Group. He has concentrated on the general practice of corporate and commercial law in Hong Kong, Japan and China, with significant transactional experience in London, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada and the United States. His clientele comprises individuals and corporations from diverse nationalities.

    Originally trained as a Canadian lawyer, he is also qualified in England (1983), California (1984), Hong Kong (1984), and Australia (1986). He was based in Hong Kong from 1984-95, in Tokyo from 1986-2001, and Shanghai from 2001-04. Robert currently spends half his time in Singapore and the other half of his time in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

    Lin Yingxin

    Non-Executive Director


    Lin Yingxin is a corporate and commercial lawyer and a Non-Executive Director at InterAsia Business Services New Zealand. He has worked on numerous local and cross-border transactions and disputes, and has advised entrepreneurs, investors, shareholders, directors, start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and multinational corporations from various industries, including aviation, construction, shipping, financial technology, finance, bio-technology, oil and gas, software development, artificial intelligence, distribution, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and e-commerce. He has experience handling arbitration cases and litigation in the High Court of Singapore.

    His practice focuses on general corporate and commercial law, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, employment law as well as regulatory and compliance matters. He regularly assists clients in reviewing, negotiating and drafting all kinds of contracts and documentation, including sale and purchase agreements, subscription agreements, shareholder agreements, convertible note agreements, distribution and licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, settlement agreements, terms and conditions for online business activities, anti-money laundering and countering-financing of terrorism policies, employment policies and privacy policies.

    Arul Kumaran

    Business Development Advisor


    Arul Kumaran is a Business Development Advisor at InterAsia Business Services New Zealand, where he assists with, among others, business development and strategy, marketing, and operations. He also focuses on cross-border and multijurisdictional work including mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring, regulatory compliance and advisory, data privacy, FinTech and payment services in Singapore and the region. He works closely with a team of leading lawyers, professionals and consultants within the InterAsia network and beyond to build and implement sound and innovative business strategies for clients and find solutions to problems.
    He assists start-ups, buy-side and sell-side clients, emerging companies and HNWIs to achieve their commercial objectives and multijurisdictional needs in various collaborations, oversees and facilitates projects and provides support in management and operations. He also handles some real estate investment projects in Lombok, Indonesia and assists investors and HNWIs in land acquisition, liaison and regulatory compliance in Lombok.

    Nathan Maharajah

    Senior Counsel


    Nathan Maharajah is engaged as our Senior Counsel.
    Nathan’s undergraduate law with honors degree is from England and his master’s law with honors
    degree is from the University of Auckland. Nathan is currently pursuing a PhD in International
    Commercial Arbitration at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. His recent accomplishment
    is an A+ for Research Methodology and Epistemology. Nathan also teaches business law and
    company law at the University of Canterbury.
    Nathan has broad international law experience which includes international commercial arbitration
    at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre.
    Nathan’s role includes advising the company executives on a range of issues, dealing with legal
    compliance matters, overseeing the delivery of legal services and resources as well as reviewing and
    drafting legal documents.

    Shawn Adriel-Ai



    Shawn Adriel-Ai is a Director at InterAsia Business Services New Zealand. He has served on the board of several New Zealand Companies, and has a strong background in technology. He has experience assisting multi-national business with Business Intelligence and Big Data projects across fields ranging from Insurance and utilities to manufacturing & logistics. He has a passion for process optimization & finding efficiencies.